Sunday, November 17, 2013

Advertisement 6

Typically, when I do these "advertisements", they focus of food pics of a private dinner at the Space, preceded by a comedic ( I try) alter ego of myself working for the proverbial man. It's fun.

It's hard to be funny this week.   Nationally, we lost Charlie Trotter, one of the greatest chefs ever. Locally, the loss of Gabe Silverman, a developer who was a vital link in the revitalization of  the Charlottesville food scene, and lastly Jonathon Matthews, a food rep who at least for me, was the only person who could provide me a nice loin of Tuna in the early 90's.   We'll miss them, and our thoughts go out to their families.  

As with life, we press on.  We do what we do, and we try to do it well.  Here are some pics of our latest tasting dinner.  I like to think that all three of the fore mentioned men, had a little something to do with it. 


We begin with a platter of Vincent's house smoked salmon "martini", with vodka cream, green olive cracker.  The little rounds are tuna tartare, wasabi mayo, sesame cracker, cilantro.  Finally, Shiso leave filled with lime chicken salad.

First course is a lobster thai basil rice paper roll, shittake, more lobster, squash seed dust, finished
table side with a lobster consomme (love to have a pic of that pour, but, hey, I'm in the kitchen).

Shaved yellow beets formed into a "ravioli" filled with Caramount goat's cheese, sitting on top of local watercress, endive, asian pears, more beets, pomegranate

Yes, a couple weeks ago I still found some cherry tomatoes and lima beans at the farmer's market.
I painted a plate with them and some parsley oil and smoked tomato oil

Added some gorgeous eggplant ragout ( with more smoked tomato ) hidden under a perfectly seared rockfish (thanks Virginia Burton, my sous ( Vincent was in Paris, damn him) ) and we have a pretty plate.

For the main, some grass feed beef loin, done wellington style in filo with a kale pesto, yellow cauliflower puree, and grilled local Maitake mushroom.   This was old school tasty!

Finally, with my partner across the pond, I thought of this for a fall dessert.  Shaved butternut squash which I poached in sugar syrup, then laid across puff pastry for a "Butternut Squash Pizza"

Top with white chocolate sorbet, some chiffonade of mint, and I think some folks were happy.

Eat well folks

Celebrate life

Have a dinner party

And if you want help, try me, send me an email, I might surprise you.


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