Sunday, December 1, 2013

French Toast

My partner, Vincent and I, have this little cooking code "cooking with the seasons".  No, I'm not talking about just picked tomatoes from the vine, or crisp Kale snipped from  a cool autumn morning.

We're talking about whatever the hell is left in the fridge and if you are like me this Thanksgiving there are plenty of odds and ends.  So before I shove a kid back on a plane or in a dorm room, I'll be "cooking with the seasons".

First, I still have a mess of these lying around

Recognize those guys?  Its my rolls from the previous blog.   Lop off the top and bottoms like so

Then cut in half

Now, let's make some batter.

Two eggs
1 cup of half and half ( or heavy cream, almond mile, soy milk ) whatever!
1 T yogurt
1 T powdered sugar
 juice from 1 clementine ( truly cooking with the season )

I know you have those laying around.  Mix the batter

I think you can handle it from here.  I use a mix of oil and butter.

Give them a flip

and arrange on a plate with some fruit, a little maple syrup, some powdered sugar


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