Saturday, May 25, 2013


So I get this call from the suits upstairs. It seems my sponsor ( The Space Downtown ) isn't exactly thrilled with all this talk of showering with bubble bees and chasing Guinea Hens around my yard.  It seems I need to focus more on the events we are doing at the Space.

I get called  to a meeting on the top floor as I tried to explain myself.

"But I have this really cool idea about a cicada blog!"  I exclaimed!

No response.

Just then a couple big bald guys picked me out of the chair, carried me over to the elevator. One of the guys ( who had really bad teeth), poked me in the chest and whispered, " blog about the Space or else".


So last night our client wants some rustic Italian food, so we try. The above picture is pan roasted artichokes with lemon, thyme and garlic

Here's another version this time with white anchovies.

A line up of Bruchettas, Ham and Brie, Artichokes w/ Marinara, Gorgonzola w/ House made Jam

Vincent's Potato Bread.

Speaking of the devil ( and oh he is one) , that's him, partner of 22 plus years.  Good god, we're like an old married couple, minus the bickering. 

Prosciutto wrapped Melon.

And the star of the show, Roasted Chicken with Green Olives, Capers, and Lemon.  There of course were some other dishes, Osso Buco, Caprese Salad, Caesar, but I was a little in the weeds so I couldn't get pictures of them.

Finally a dessert trio. That's Lavender Macaroon, White Chocolate Torte, and a itty bitty Raspberry Fruit tart.

That's what we do here at the Space Downtown.  On premise catering tailored to your needs.  The food is live, meaning it's not coming out of some hot box sitting in a catering truck.  We live it, we love it, and your next event, dinner party, needs to be with us.

That should make my sponsors happy.

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful food and writing, Tim.