Monday, May 27, 2013

Garlicky Shrimp

As most of you know, the Cicadas are back which means I’m saving money on dog food.  Really.  Who needs to scoop dried morsels of organic lamb, sweet potato, chickpea, white truffle, whatever is in that 50 dollar bag of guilt when there is a seemingly infinite supply  of cicadas in the field. My wife commented on how soft the dog’s coat is. Of course it is, that’s what a couple thousand grams of protein each morning will do for a dog.

So as I listen to the drone coming from the trees, I can’t help being fascinated by the plight of the cicada.  I mean, 17 years underground and then just two weeks on shore to do one thing, the nasty.  I get it. I mean, if I was down under for that long and got a 14 day furlough I would do as the cicadas do and start rubbing my abdomen hoping to attract the attention of this gorgeous bug.

That’s my wife. Beauty.   

The second thing I’d be getting busy with would be cooking, and soon after eating.  That is assuming I had acquired the same skill set I have now while sucking sap from roots of trees for the past 17 years. I can’t imagine it’s easy to use a cleaver underground.

If I only have 14 days then I’m having my 14 favorite meals.  I’m not breaking it down into breakfast, lunch, dinner. No one wants to look at 42 item list (can you even come up with 14 different breakfast items?), no, I am eating one meal each day.  Remember, I’ve been underground for 17 years so my metabolism is a bit sluggish..

So here goes. From bottom to top.

Cuban Sandwich
Fresh Fish (and I will compliment someway)
Crusty Bread, EVOO, Sea Salt, Prosciutto
Large Salad, Bacon Dressing, Poached Egg
Garlicky Shrimp, Pasta
French Onion Soup
Artichokes, pan roasted with garlic and lemon(and grilled octopus)
Chicken Pot Pie (my kids will be there helping to destroy it)
Pizza (homemade, of course, blog forthcoming)
Fried Chicken( it's coming,too)
Over easy eggs (Farm eggs please)

One and two are close. I can eat fried chicken until I explode.  Over easy eggs are like an epiphany in food in my opinion. Crispy whites, runny yolks….ahhhhh, worth the 17 year wait.

Cicadas are not on the list. A buddy of mine took his dog’s advice and tried one last week, said it tasted like a peanut cracker.  No wonder my dog is happier than a garden tethered goat.

Their cousins of the sea, however Garlicky Shrimp are on.  Hang with me and I’ll show you how to make them sweet and tender.

 24 medium shrimp
 5 T butter
 1 T garlic pasted
 1 cup parsley chopped
 3 roma tomatoes diced
 ½ cup basil chopped

First, peel and devein your shrimp and then cut it in half length wise.  This is important.

Chop, dice and paste your parsley, basil, tomatoes and garlic. 

 In a saucepan melt your butter, turn the heat to LOW, and add the garlic.  We’re going to slowly cook the garlic in the butter while whisking the whole time.  

Take your time here, it should be five minutes before your butter foams like this.

Add the shrimp and continue cooking on low heat. This is the key.  I’ve seen so many cooks sear or grill shrimp on high heat. The result? Rubber. Not mine.  Slow she goes is the money here.

The shrimp will begin to turn opaque.

And almost done.

And ready. Now and the tomatoes, parsley basil and a splash of white wine. Remove it from the heat. 

See that?

Pour this goodness over some noodles and enjoy.

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  1. OMG! I am salivating. I have heard the cicadas, but I have only spotted a few shells.