Monday, September 23, 2013

Advertisement 5

I must walk around looking like a guy who knows where he’s going.  I say this because I always get asked directions. It’s as if I put out a vibe “Lost? I can help.”

So it came as little surprise when a white van slowed next to me as I walked towards the mall towards Bizou. The driver, thick headed with a shneck ( big shoulders, no neck) the size of a wheel barrow tire sporting a heart shaped tattoo on this shneck with the name Tina bannered across it asked me where the closest lingerie store was. 

As I tried to shake the image of a half naked Tina who would be with such an animal  from my noggin, I heard the side door wahrroosh open as I was thrown into the back. Seconds later I am pinned to the floor board with a rolling pin pressed across my throat.

“Sandwiches eh?  Very cute says a second thug.  You act like you represent Bodos and not the Space.”

“Um, technically, Bodos does Bagels, and I was simply demonstrating a Panini s…….”

“Shaddupt!!  Boss is not happy and you better get back to promoting the Space Downtown. You got that?  Blog the Space, or else.”

“Isn't that my rolling pin you have across my throat?”

“Shaddupt!! or else it goes upside your head next time!”


 They tossed me out right in front the Space, like a Sunday morning paper. I dusted myself off, knowing full well I would have to go buy another rolling pin, and began this entry, just to keep the brass happy.

 So happy we were last Sunday doing a fundraiser for the Local Food Hub.  I can't think of a better group of folks. Simply put, they gather goods from all the local farmers in the area, and act as the distributor to restaurants and such throughout the area.  What a niche they are filling for our town, I can't say enough about them.  

 So here was the deal.  They give us product, we create. Perfect marriage. 

 They give us stone ground grits from Woodsons Mill and some local Shiitakes, we did this 

Those bits were juicy.  They give us Kale, fresh black-eyed peas and sausage from the Rock Barn, we did this 

They give us figs and berkshire bacon, we add Caramount Boursin 

They gave us quail eggs and Serrano Ham, we did "Ham and eggs". 

They gave us Fresh Pork Belly (again from the Rock Barn) and Macintosh Apples ( Good night they were tasty) and we did this

They gave us red and yellow beets, we made Sushi

Are you starting to get the picture(s).  Let us go, and we create beautiful food.  This was such a great event at the Space Downtown.  There were many others platters I didn't get pictures of:   The Caramount Cheese Board ( Gail is a rock star), a baked goat's cheese station with crostinis and organic strawberries.   A salad of local asian pears, cherry tomatoes, watercress, sesame, and olive oil ( show stopper!), and  from the feedback we get

I think we are on to something.


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