Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Couple years ago I'm hulled up in a ski condo and the only thing between me and finishing my Black Bean Chile was this thing

I mention this because the other day someone asked me what my favorite home kitchen gadget was.  While I took a few minutes to ponder the question, that thing pictured above is the gadget most likely to meet the same fate as the fax machine in Office Space.  Invented in the latter part of the Hoover administration, it ranks a close second to the worst calamity of his term.  No wonder he wasn't re-elected.

Needless to say, it was no small task for me to open a couple cans of beans.  It makes no sense. There's the magnate thing, and the little catch thing, and I'm cussing and the thing is humming and nothing is getting opened.  Uggh!

I will tell you who is climbing on Santa's good list, it's this guy.

The Panini maker.  This blog is less about cooking and more of assemblage. The fact I ate this sandwich 3 lunches in a row should tell you something, so I will share it with you.  First, have these condiments around.

Top to bottom we have Dijon Mustard, Tapenade, and Sliced Dill Pickles.  Yes, I make my own Tapenade at work, this is lunch at home folks.  Next, you'll need a Ciabatta Roll, sliced turkey, salami, and some purple basil ( green works, too. As does Arugula or even Kale).

Then, coat one side with mustard, the other with tapenade

Pickles on the mustard, Salami on the pickles, turkey on the tapenade

Basil in the middle ( we want it to get the least heat )

Put these together and place on the Panini Press

Close the lid, locate your electric can opener ( if you have one ), take it outside and bludgeon it with the dull side of an ax ( I really don't like them )  and in about five minutes you are in business.


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