Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rare Seared Tuna

I have a laundry list of first world problems to unload.

     the lap pool has multiple leaks, many patches, more leaks, no good. I do however, posses the largest  terrarium this side of the Blue Ridge
     my Thermadore Range is out, not great for baking
     the land line phone ( yeah we have one ) is fried in the old part of the house
     my computer is still groggie from the roundhouse a virus hit it with last week
     direct TV (they blow) is down for fourteen days, ( that's two weeks no football/breaking bad)
     and the plastic shell of my otter box is ripped

How do I cope? For starters. I've formed my own group therapy BAMA ( Bitch and Moan Anonymous), plus I've taken up Sloga ( a kind combination of yoga and sleep, actually, it's a lot of sleeping) and I have to say it's helping me.

So, I take what lemons life tosses towards me now and cook stove top. Thankfully, the exhaust fan works.

 Folks, I'm going to show you how easy it is to cook a beautiful piece of rare seared Tuna.  However, you must have a large cast iron skillet, if you don't, then scroll through some of the other blog entries, I don't know, bake some scones or something ( You can, I can't, remember? ).  It must be cooked on a white hot cast iron skillet like this


Looks like the milky way.

Maybe, but this galaxy is orbiting at about 600 degrees and there is not another pan in your cupboard that can hold that kind of  heat.  It takes about 30 minutes on high  to get to this point so turn it on and get busy preparing the rest of the meal.

I did this. A little onion and garlic, sweated and then  add tomato, mushroom and haricot verts (pre blanched).

Back to the Tuna.  This is the second most important step, seasoning.  Rub some oil (Canola or Peanut, no olive) on the flesh then shower with salt and fresh ground pepper.

See that?  No pinching here, if you want yours to taste like mine then you need to make it rain with the seasoning.  Also, do this right before you intend to cook it.  Don't season and then go shoot off a couple emails..  Salt draws moisture and moisture is bad for searing.  Now slap those babies on the skillet.

Oh yeah, your exhaust fan needs to be on high right now.  If you don't have one, then open some windows and disengage the smoke detectors because it's about to get smoky.

You should hear a smack as the tuna hits that heat, and if it whistles a bit, you know it's hot.  Let them sear about 30 seconds or so, then flip

See the sear and just how little of the tuna we've actually cooked? That's what we're looking for.  Another 30 seconds or so and pull them out.  The rest of your dinner should be ready because we want to eat these guys right now.  With a sharp knife, slice the tuna

Perfect.  Lay this beauty on top of whatever else you cooked and we're talking first class cuisine.


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